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ELBUILD is the authorized distributor of NCL AAC blocks in Coimbatore. AAC Blocks are a great building material that is used a lot today because they are lightweight, strongest, and environmentally friendly. NCL AAC Blocks in Coimbatore is the optimal solution for all kinds of building constructions, including schools, hospitals, corporations, hotels, individual homes, and apartments. Most construction companies are preferring AAC blocks which are better than other conventional materials like bricks, stone, and clay.

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Manufacturing Properties Of AAC Blocks


Cement is used as binding agent and is responsible for holding the other materials together and giving the blocks their strength.


Lime is used to activate the cement and provides stability to the block which contributes to the strength of the block.

Fly Ash

Fly ash is used as a replacement for sand. It helps in reducing the overall cost of production and provides a better finish.

Aluminium Powder

Aluminium powder is used as a foaming agent in the production of AAC blocks, providing thermal insulation and improved strength

Why Choose Our NCL AAC Blocks?

Our AAC Blocks have been certified as green building materials and can be easily customized to meet our clients’ specific requirements, including drilling, cutting, nailing, furrowing, and milling.

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NCL AAC Block Dealers in Coimbatore

ELBUILD, the best NCL AAC block supplier in Coimbatore, provides top-notch AAC blocks that conserve time, money, and resources. Our Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks are ideal for any climate and seismic zone, boasting remarkable workability, durability, fire resistance, and pest resistance.

Our NCL AAC blocks in Coimbatore are utilized to construct load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls as well as thermally insulating roof tiles.These blocks are recommended for their low water absorption, strong fire resistance, high weight transfer, and sound insulation.

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NCL AAC Blocks Dealers in Coimbatore

Technical Specification of AAC Blocks:

Compressive strength(N/mm2)) 4.0
Dry density(over Dry – kg/m3) 550-650
Sound reduction (db) 38-50
Thermal Conductivity (W/(m.K)) As per IS: 2185
Fire Resistance (in Hr.s) 4 to 6

Sizes That Suit Your Requirement :

Length Height Thicknesses
600 mm 200 mm 100/150/200/225 mm

If You are Looking for AAC Blocks Size and Price in Coimbatore?

Here, we offer you precisely sized blocks that are of the highest quality, and our AAC blocks cost in Coimbatore is affordable.

AAC Blocks Distributors in Coimbatore

ELBUILD is one of the leading AAC block dealers in Coimbatore which conserves topsoil and 6 to 7 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building points. Our products are gaining the trust of our customers for their appropriate size, high standards, adaptability, and consumer appeal, that has earned. Our professionals put in a great deal of effort to recognize the demand for AAC blocks in the marketplace and our NCL AAC blocks price in Coimbatore are affordable.

AAC blocks offer a significant advantage by minimizing the need for excavating topsoil that would otherwise be required for traditional building materials like clay bricks. This feature allows builders to preserve the topsoil and minimize the environmental impact of construction activities.Our AAC blocks is an excellent option for sustainable building practices.

AAC Blocks Distributors in Coimbatore

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For Speedy Construction Use NCL AAC Blocks

Workability & Easy Installation

  • NCL AAC Blocks are light in Weight and is simple to cut, drill, nail, grind, and groove it to match specific needs.
  • 80% of the blocks weight is made up of air, which makes them lighter.

Faster Construction

  • The quick construction is made possible by the large size, accurate proportions, few joints, and short drying times.
  • NCL AAC Blocks are 4X bigger than clay bricks

Certified Fire-Resistant

  • Unique cellular structure makes AAC Blocks fire-resistant
  • A 6″ NCL AAC block can withstand exposure to fire up to 6 hours and is BFRC certified IS 3809

Termite Resistant

  • Our NCL AAC blocks are made of inorganic components.
  • Since it is the resistant, which benefit in preventing pests like termites from entering the construction.
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AAC Blocks Suppliers in Coimbatore

ELBUILD, the Best AAC block Dealers in Coimbatore, we recently introduced ground-breaking building material to our dedicated customers. Our AAC blocks may guarantee that whatever you are creating will last for centuries and beyond because they are lightweight, pest and weather resistant, environmentally friendly, and strong enough to withstand earthquakes.

AAC Blocks Dealers near me
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AAC Block Suppliers near me
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NCL AAC Blocks price list
Eco Friendly
Light Weight
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Dimensional Stability

Savings on Overall Project Cost of NCL AAC Blocks

  • Labour & transportation cost is low

  • On jointing & plastering mortars

  • Conserve project implementation time

  • On steel by 20 – 25% & concrete by 10%

  • Thermal Insulation that reduce load on air conditioning

  • Superior sound insulation with STC rating of 44.

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